You might be a Magpie Learner if…

Are you a Magpie Learner? Take this totally unscientific quiz to find out:

____1. You discovered this blog.

____2. You’re an avid reader of stories, articles,  artwork, other people, and, when nothing else is available, the sides of cereal boxes.

____3. You like to know what lies below the obvious.

____4. You’ve learned from those who are younger than you, who have less formal education, and whose life circumstances are radically different from your own.

Do it like this, Aunty Pam!

____5. You don’t mind looking and feeling incompetent when you start to learn something new.

____6. You like to step outside your daily routines to explore new places and spaces.210

____7. You get as much enjoyment from the learning journey as from its final destination.

____8. You don’t think of yourself as a finished product.

____9. You feel the fear and try it anyway._IGP9979

____10. Sometimes what you set out to learn and what you actually discover are two entirely different things.

____11. As soon as you’ve mastered a skill, it’s time to learn a new one.

____ 12. You’ve learned from chance encounters and unexpected events.


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