If you love to learn – or even if you don’t but you’d like to – welcome! This is a space where you’ll read about my experiences with learning – the ones I looked for, and  the ones that I didn’t seek out but found me anyway. From time to time, my friends and colleagues,  Magpie Learners all, will visit and share their wisdom and their stories.You’ll hear about what we learned and how we learned, and the joys and challenges we faced along the way.

My life mostly unfolds in and around Edmonton,  Alberta, Canada, so those are the places where I do most of my exploring and learning. You may live in a very different geographic space, which offers you different experiences. I hope that we can meet on the common ground of our love for learning,  and inspire each other with our stories.


  1. Hi Pam from Richard Davies.
    Saw an old Avenue mag which indicated your blog address and checked out. It was a chance to ketch-up on your various projects and activities. Will check in again down the road.
    Life post-Dean McKenzie, Glen Kirkland, Glenn Martin, Stu Millman , teaching (2002), and textbooks (2010) has gone well. Mostly increased personal consciousness (Tothineownselfbetrue.ca), pursuit of a CanLit book dream online instead of via hard copy (CanLitbooks.ca), an unpublished opus Inside E-Media, Stroll of Poets, and grandkids.
    Anyway thought to reach back in time to conventions of olde to say Hi.
    Richard Davies

    • Well, well, you just never know how a blog will help make connections or reconnections! Thanks for getting in touch, Richard. I see you’re a fellow WordPresser, and checked out your blog too. I’m sorry to hear of the loss of so many of your good buddies: I know that must be difficult. It sounds as though you’ve been able to stay inspired with new projects and activities. I think that’s key to staying young and vital. I’m currently overseeing a program at the Faculty of Extension which teaches international professors, to teach their content in English. It’s two-pronged: they get teaching skills and language training. Really interesting work and fascinating people.

      Let’s stay in touch,

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