Kyoto by night

While a July day in Kyoto hums with cicadas, tourist bustle and summer heat, Kyoto after dark has a unique magic. The air is still warm, but the sun’s intensity is replaced by the glow of lanterns, neon signs, floodlit buildings, and people heading off to enjoy their evenings.

Come along with me on this evening tour of Kyoto.

Twilight along a stream in the Gion district
Gion restaurant
Gion lantern 1
Gion lantern 2
Kyoto Tower
Hotel Granvia at the Kyoto Train Station
Enjoying a drink on the Hotel Granvia inside terrace
Wedding gazebo at Hotel Granvia
Looking for action
Taxi anyone?

And last but not least- a portion of Kyoto Station’s 20th anniversary light show on the 171-step grand staircase. The little guy at the end says it all!


  1. Were you able to see the video of the lit stairs OK? It didn’t seem to be loading properly when I tried to view it on my phone. Anyway, that light show went on all evening, with about 6 different shows.

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