New York, New York, Joshua-style

Joshua rocks a Dr. Who bowtie
Joshua rocks a Dr. Who bowtie

It’s my pleasure to introduce you to a new Magpie Learner guest blogger, Joshua Singh. I have been Joshua’s academic mentor since January. He enjoys playing hockey and soccer, the 11th Dr. Who and Spiderman. Recently we discovered that we were both heading to New York City this spring. Of course, Joshua saw a very different Big Apple than I did, so here is his perspective. I’m sure he’d appreciate your feedback if you’d like to offer it. 

Last fall when things got a bit wild in our house, my mom said “That’s it!! We need to get out of here.” Right away, she started arranging a trip to New York for spring break. Since this was my second time there (the first time was 3 years ago when I was 9), I started to make a list of all the cool places I saw the last time and researched more places to visit .

Spring break finally arrived and I was on my way to the “Big Apple.” During our short but action packed 5 days, we saw many places, shopped- mostly for me- and I ate so many hotdogs that I started to dream about them. Hot dogs- an absolute MUST HAVE when you’re in New York.

I’m not sure how many of you have visited NYC, but here are some highlights of mine which you might want to try. These include Mid Town Comics; FAO Schwarz, a toy store; the Broadway theatre district; Stardust, a restaurant; and the Rock, the New Jersey Devils arena.
Mid-Town Comics
As soon as you walk in, you see comic books all around you, featuring every superhero and villain. It’s comic book heaven!!!!!! There is a huge selection of great quality  action figures like Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Hulk, Ironman,and Captain America .Even adults would buy these as collector items. The price range is from $20-$200. You could spend about 1-2 hours looking around. On the second floor the store has super heroes dangling from the roof everywhere you look. Even my dad didn’t  want to leave the store!

Joshua and
Joshua-man and Ironman

FAO Schwarz

You should really visit FAO Schwarz. It has a colossal selection of stuffed animals, toys and candy. It also has areas dedicated to such items as action figures and Lego, and others for building and customizing your very own puppet and remote control car.  You should take more than $50 with you because the store is a little bit on the pricey side, but the toys are good quality so they’re worth it. The store is mostly meant for kids but it contains a couple of unbelievably detailed and expensive models of  people like the Beatles and the characters from  Avatar.


You’ve got to check out Broadway! There are many  theatres. The one we went to is an old fashioned styled theatre that has nice chandeliers but no elevators. Get ready to take a hike up and down the stairs packed with a ton of people.  The play we went to see was A Raisin In the Sun starring Denzel Washington. I thought it was a great play: I learned that even if the colour of your skin is different than other people’s, you can still capture your dreams.


Stardust is an old style restaurant in Times Square. Part of the waiters’ and waitresses’ jobs is to sing songs while people are eating. The food there is ok but Stardust is really known for the amazing singing. Some of the people who work at Stardust get noticed by agents and move on to musicals on Broadway. The restaurant also has an upstairs that is meant for eating but only a couple of people were sitting up there. Sometimes while the servers are singing they will sit beside you and let you sing. This happened to me but I only danced because I didn’t know the song that the waiter was singing.

photo (17)The Rock- the New Jersey Devils’ arena

One of the reasons the Rock is so nice is because it is a new arena that has very few walls and is wide open. Inside the Rock there was a place called the Devils’ Den that sold a lot of really fancy Devils’ team merchandise. During the warm-up, fans went up to the glass to catch the pucks that the New Jersey Devils would sometimes throw to the fans. My cousin Christopher and I went down to the glass but we didn’t catch any pucks.

Since the Devils were on a five game losing streak, the building wasn’t packed with people, so that meant that there was a better chance to get on the Jumbotron. I was able to get on it, but since I was wearing my Edmonton Oilers jersey, I got booed off. You got to eat free food till the end of the second period (with certain tickets). In Edmonton you have to pay for all the food you eat. After the game the staff handed out free posters of players. I got one of Martin Brodeur.

I had an awesome trip to New York and New Jersey. If you ever visit, I encourage you to go check  out the places I went to. You won’t be sorry.


  1. Hi Joshua! Your blog was very well written and I liked the photos as well. I haven’t been to NY in a long time and you made me want to go back.

    You didn’t say if one of your adventures was your favourite thing about New York? I also wanted to ask you if there were any free things you did in NY that you would recommend.

    • Hi, Deb.I’m at Joshua’s house right now and we’re replying to all his fan mail! Now I will turn the keyboard over to him.

      Hi Deb it’s Joshua.
      My favorite thing on my trip was the Rock. It was my favorite because i’m a huge hockey fan. One of the really cool free things we did was going to Central Park and visiting places that were in the movies and taking pictures of them. One of them was the snowball fight by the bridge in Elf. I don’t know if you’ve seen the movie so i’m sending you the link.
      elf bridge

  2. Greetings from Southern Alberta Josh. I want to thank you for taking the time to journal your adventures in New York City. I have been to NYC too and, much like you, had a wonderful experience. However, most of the adventures I had and the places I visited were quite different.

    Should I ever return to NYC I will not doubt be very interested in visiting some of the sites you described. Especially the plays on Broadway!! I have in fact read the book “Raison in the Sun” and have seen the old movie filmed in 1961 staring Sidney Poitier, but would give my “eye teeth” to see Denzel Washington play the role of Walter Young on stage. He’s one of my favorite actors.

    Keep writing. I look forward to reading some more of your adventures.

    Debbie from Southern Alberta

  3. Everything about your post makes me jealous! I’m particularly envious of your trip to Midtown Comics.’s a legend in the comic book world! Sounds like you had lots of fun so thank you for inspiring to dust off my passport. 🙂

  4. Thanks Josh for writing and sharing such a well written article on your trip to New York. I have never been to New York, but it is on my Bucket List of places to visit. Broadway would be at the top of my list and Stardust sounds like a fun place to eat.

  5. Josh – I very much enjoyed your blog! I have never been to New York city but I sure want to go! I would definately want to see F.O.A Swartz – ever since they were featrued in the Tom Hanks movie “Big”, I have wanted to go there. I, of course, also want to see as many plays on Broadway as possible! And should I ever get there, I will try a hot dog too!

    • Hi Amy
      Pam and I have never seen Big but we just googled the piano clip and watched it. I saw the big piano at F.A.O Shwartz
      but the one in the movie looked much better.

  6. Josh, thanks for sharing your experience of NYC. I hadn’t realized there were so many great things for kids to do there. This is very helpful because we’ve been thinking of going, but we figured it wouldn’t be the most suitable holiday for our 10-year old. Now you have me rethinking this!

  7. Hi Joshua
    First of all we wanted to say thank you so much for sharing this wonderful experience of your trip with us.
    It is very well written you did a great job and sounds like you had an awesome time in NYC.
    We will hopefully go there one day to and check all those great places out too.
    Thank you again.
    Uncle Nindy and Pooha.

  8. Great job Joshua. I really enjoyed reading what you wrote about your trip to New York from your perspective. Great digs with the bowtie/jacket. Mid Town Comics certainly sounds like a place to visit that I had not know about so thank you as I will certainly keep that in mind when visiting New York. Well articulated, thank you for sharing Joshua and continue to write and share.

    • Hi Bhada Chacha thanks for reading my post and thank you for giving me such good feedback. We are going to see the amazing spider man 2 tomorrow if you would like to come and you can also come watch me play hockey tomorrow if you’re interested phone dad

  9. Hey Josh!
    That’s an awesome blog that you’ve started! I’ll be sure to check out some of those places the next time I’m in New York. One question that I have for you is: Is there anything new that you’d like to try next time you are in New York that you didn’t get to do yet? Any other places that you’d like to explore?
    Great article again, amazing work!!

    • Hi Joel thanks for reading my post. The next time I go to New York I would like to go on the tour of Madison Square Garden. Thank you for the Lamborghini Aventador.

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