aside Conversation

Like a bad joke, the magpie in our neighbor’s mountain ash catches my attention in a flash of black and white and red all over.

“Hey, Sister!” she squawks. “When’s that next post coming out?”

I sigh. “Last week was busy. Next week doesn’t look much better. I have a job, you know.”

“No need to get nasty,” she says.

“Sorry. Mid-week. Maybe. Possibly.”

“Just asking,” she mumbles, through the berries in her beak. “Just asking….”


  1. Yes, those pesky magpies. We have a huge nest too, but the birds left soon after giving birth. I am happy to report that your neighbour across the river submitted a proposal to the art of noticing deeply, is hosting a writing cafe in Riverdale, possibly proposing something for the early years. But first of all will sleep with as many dreams, I hope, as I had last night.

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